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​Direct from the Mine, 100% Natural Sapphire Gravel. We Mine It...You Find It. When you purchase a bucket of Sapphire Gravel from Gem Mountain you have the exact same odds of finding that large, high value gemstone as we do at the mine. We know you will find sapphires, everyone does, but because the gravel is natural we cannot guarantee the quantity or quality of the sapphires you find.  Dig in and find your own Montana Treasure, a Sapphire Gemstone from Gem Mountain.

If you're lucky enough to visit in person we will provide everything you need to find your own Montana Sapphires. We have the best equipment and a fantastic staff.  If you can't visit us in person we can mail you a "Box of Rocks".  It just so happens that our two gallon bucket of Sapphire Gravel fits in a U.S. Postal Service Priority Mail Flat Rate Box.  We can mail you a gravel bucket (or anything else that fits in the box) for only $12. 

Sapphire Gravel Bucket

Get Gravel Delivered to your Door via Priority Mail for only $12 more per bucket. 

Mega Jug - our Most popular New Product

Like washing a Lucky Seven in One Container.  We hand screen a gravel bucket to remove the big rocks and add high grade sapphire concentrate equivalent to washing six more bucket's   Guaranteed to Contain at least 100 carats of Sapphire.  As a Special Bonus (in keeping with our Lucky 7 theme): One in Seven Mega Jugs contains a cuttable sapphire over a 1/4 inch in size weighing more than three carats!!!  Those in the know, know this is a "Money" stone that should finish into a one carat or larger gemstone worth hundreds of dollars.

Give the Gift that Rocks!

HOT HOT HOT!!!! $129  S/H only $12 each via Priority Mail

Miners Pail or Santa Boots - 3.7 lbs of Sapphire Gravel with about 20 carats of sapphire added. $25

Save on Shipping: we can fit up to four Miners Pails in a box or two Boots.

Santa's Boot - We are currently out of Stock 

​Miners Pail - 3.7 lbs of Sapphire Gravel 

We ship year round all over the US. for the low price of $12 per box. We can fit up to 4 Miners Pails in one box (save on shipping). Mine Run gravel is one per box. Please call with any questions on shipping charges.​​